Welcome to my site! 


My name is Hanna Maria Pettersson Nyman, I am a certified Visual Merchandiser and this is my portfolio containing my work.

I became a certified stylist in highschool where I studied styling within fashion and clothing but also beauty styling such as hair, makeup and nails. 

After this I combined my job, working in a clothing store with two diffrent courses. First I studied design at Stockholms Tillskärarakademi for two semesters and then I studied Visual Merchandising at Folkuniversitetet. 

In 2019 I started working as a Visual Merhandiser at H&M. 
Here I work mostly indoor to inspire custumers and drive sales through the stores visual apperence and
garment presentation. 

On this site you can find my
in-store merchandising and window displays
my clothing collections under the tab DESIGN,
and my stylist portfolio under the tab STYLING.

Portfolio, Hanna Pettersson Nyman, Visual Merchandising, based in Stockholm, Sweden,http://www.hannapn.com