Merchandiser girl

Welcome to my site! 


My name is Hanna Maria Pettersson Nyman, I am a certified Visual Merchandiser and this is my portfolio containing my work.

I became a certified stylist in highschool where I studied styling within fashion and clothing but also beauty styling such as hair, makeup and nails. 

After this I combined my job, working in a clothing store with two diffrent courses. First I studied design at Stockholms Tillskärarakademi for two semesters and then I studied
Visual Merchandising at Folkuniversitetet. 

In 2019 I started working as a Visual Merhandiser at H&M. 
Here I work mostly indoor to inspire customers and drive
sales through the stores visual apperence and
garment presentation. 

On this site you can find my in-store merchandising and window displays under the tab VISUAL MERCHANDISING, 
my clothing collections under the tab DESIGN,
and my stylist portfolio under the tab STYLING.

Portfolio, Hanna Pettersson Nyman, Visual Merchandising, based in Stockholm, Sweden,